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Cnversation with Jayanti Sunuwar, Member of ANPUDCnversation with Jayanti Sunuwar, Member of ANPUD
My association with alcohol addiction subsequently to drug addiction began during my school days.
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prakash sunuwar - ilam
Sep 23 2011
sunuwarsamajhk.org tapai harulai muri muri danyebad great 2 be seeing ours community ...

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Kirati harvest fest celebrated

Kirati harvest fest celebrated

KATHMANDU, DEC 02 - Hundreds of enthusiastic members of the indigenous Kirati community gathered at a function organised by the Kirat Rai Yayokkha District Office Committee in Lalitpur on Wednesday to mark Sakela Udauli. The festival, which celebrates the harvest of the paddy crop at the end of the season, is the biggest festival celebrated by the community.

“The festival helps in creating awareness about the indigenous customs of the Kirati people and thus aids in the preservation and promotion of Kirati culture,� said the organiser D.B. Rai.

Kirati women and men, many of whom had been celebrating the festival since childhood, were decked in traditional gear and also wore ethnic jewellery. “Today, I’ll dance all day,� said Sapana Rai, adding, “It is a great festival and we are enjoying the celebrations.�

Bimala Sunuwar, general secretary of the Sunuwar Sewa Samaj, said while taking a break from the dancing, “Before, very few people attended the festival, and even fewer dressed in the traditional attire. Now, it is good to see that people are becoming more aware about their culture and are wearing the Sunuwar attire.�

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